Canine Essential 101 

Brand new format!

Self paced learning!


Rs. 10,000/- (Live)

Rs. 300/- (Refresher)


Students will have

2 months

to complete the learning

Content format

20 hours of lectures​

More than 600 quizzes

Several practical assignments

Demonstration videos

Live Q&A thrice a month


You can sign up anytime you want to and will get access to the learning modules immediately. You learn at your own pace. 


Live Q&A sessions repeat each month and students will have access to these for 2 months.

Click here for upcoming live Q&A sessions.  


This is our foundation course that introduces learners to the BHARCS way. It is perfect for pet parents who want a complete foundation for pet care. It is also mandatory for professionals who would like to pursue further learning with us. The goal of this class is that everyone who comes into this class, leaves with a better understanding of their dog’s body and mind and is able to better communicate with the dog to achieve harmony in the dog and in their family.


The BHARCS way is a radical new way of approaching “problem behaviours” in dogs, be it jumping, barking, destruction, excessive peeing or even anxiety and aggression. We do not rely on conventional training techniques. We believe that, most “problem behaviours” we see in our dogs are a result of an imbalance in the dog’s brain, body, emotional regulation or miscommunication between dogs or between humans and dogs. We rely on two concepts - ethology and biosociopsychology, to identify the cause of the problem and address it. Simply put, that means we look at behaviours that are considered normal for dogs (ethogram), the mental state of the dog, the emotions of the dog, the body of the dog, the environment and  communication with the dog, to return balance back to the mind, body and social relationships of the dog.

The New CE101

We are now on the 4th version of this workshop, evolved to benefit learners the most. The entire content is available online and combines self-paced learning with the option for live Q&A sessions. The basic course consists of 20 hours of lectures, demos, a host of quizzes and assignments, that give both theoretical as well as practical understanding of our concepts. In addition, learners have the option of signing up for live Q&A sessions.

Live sessions

The 1 to 1.5 hour live Q&A sessions are conducted on zoom. They  happen thrice a month, typically over weekends. In these sessions, we go over more course material and students get an opportunity to have their questions answered and discuss their case studies. Each live session will focus on specific topics. Students will have to complete the lectures and quizzes pertaining to these specific topics. Once they do, they will get an invitation to attend the live class.


Students will have 2 months from the date of enrolment to complete this class. The learning portal will lock up after this duration, however, for an additional nominal cost, the portal will be reopened for an additional 2 months. Students are free to request reopening of the portal as many times as they like.

Community support & continuous learning

During the classes, students will have the option of joining our WhatsApp group, to interact with other learners and senior students, to share their learning experience and have discussions on what they are learning. Upon completion, students will then get access to all of the older students via WhatsApp and Facebook groups. Students can also come back at anytime for a refresher and for a nominal fee, they can get the portal opened up for an additional two month period. In case of major upgrades to our course materials, we will invite old students to do a refresher free of cost.