BHARCS Applied Canine Behaviour & Ethology Diploma


Rs. 1,70,000/- (approx*)

payable in 5 easy interest free instalments.


Combination of online and
two intensive in-person

classroom sessions 

for a rounded education.  


18 - 36 months

Based on your hours of learning per week.


You are not on your own.
This is not self learning,

it's guided learning. 

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7 to 15 hours a week...

Depending on how much time you have .


You will have to do practise a lot at home, but this course also includes classroom sessions & case studies.

Unit Details and Installments

This is our rigorous canine behaviour diploma that gives you all the education, coaching, practise and preparation you will need in your career working with dogs. Apart from advanced topics like breeds, social structures, health, aggression, emotions etc., there are also two practical units that will fine tune your handling and observation skills. 

Laser Registration Fees : £ 131*

* Laser lists this in £. At the time of your enrolment we will look at exchange rates and give you this number in Indian Rupees.

NOTE: These online courses are ONLY available for students who have completed BACBEC1. Contact the office to apply. 

If you have questions on student life, the type of learning involved or guidance provided, the classroom experiences or career prospects, who better to ask than the seniors. We are eager to welcome you. 

- The BHARCS Student Community