Learning to learn from dogs


Our learning portal enables the convenience of learning from your home. 


Accredited Level 3 certificate

courses and level 4 diplomas,

externally audited by

Laser Learning Awards, UK 


Course broken down to units to give you flexibility in payment and time commitment. 


Special focus on learning from

street dogs, both in person and

remotely via collaborations.

"Learning to learn from dogs" 


Hands on skills provided through ethological studies  and guided practicals.


Rigorous theoretical & practical coaching, case studies, business & marketing planning to get you ready for working with dogs.



A two day workshop on common issues like

jumping, nipping, pulling on the leash, 

inappropriate toileting, biting, depression, anxiety etc...




make your dream of a canine career a reality

The BHARCS Student Community

“I grew up with dogs, vet by profession, worked in shelters and run a dog boarding kennel. And still there was so much to learn and more importantly, to unlearn!

Sindhoor’s teachings are extensively researched and reason with scientific backing. It helps you understand what your dog is trying to tell you, the do’s and don’ts around dogs and helps you identify wrong information fed to you through various media.

A must learn for all dog parents is the “loose leash walk” technique. I wish I knew this 20 years ago! This technique relaxes you and your dog. It gives your dog good mental exercise through exploration and taking independent decisions. I am not suggesting you need to become a behaviourist to be a good parent. I am suggesting we all become a little more aware”

- Gowri Yale, Veterinarian

Welcome on behalf of the BHARCS family. Our courses are such intense personal journeys of people with their dogs, that we can't help but bond as one big family. Try out one of our courses and you'll see what I mean. This site provides you with with all the information you will need to understand our education offering. I sincerely hope that you will find a course that is just right for you in here and you will soon join our family at the BHARCS!



Founder, BHARCS

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Our certificate courses and diploma are accredited by

Laser Learning Awards, UK.

Sindhoor is the country rep for PDTE & our courses adhere to the PDTE Code of Ethics

Our students are all members of ICAN as a result of BHARCS being an organisation member. 

BHARCS is an affiliate of
The International School of Canine Psychology, UK