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Class schedule

Our classes are packed with exciting content, projects and activities! In order to benefit completely from the course, for your convenience and that of others, kindly keep the following points in mind::

  • Timings – Classes start at 10am sharp! Please do factor in all possible reasons for delay and ensure you arrive at least 10 minutes before.

  • Lunch – A one hour lunch break is included in the schedule. Lunch will not be provided by BHARCS. However, most students opt to order as a group on Swiggy. We will confirm to you, a few days before, on what the ordering in options around the venue are. We will try to arrange for a microwave at the venue, if possible. 

  • Pet Stretches – Every hour, there will be a short break for the dogs to stretch at the venue. Meanwhile, you are welcome to help yourselves to tea or coffee.

  • Q&A – We will aim to finish the class by 6pm each day and there will be a Q&A session within it. There can be additional Q&A after classes end.

  • Missed Classes – If students miss classes for genuinely unavoidable reasons, they can reserve the next available slot in future batches. However, seats cannot be guaranteed and unfortunately BHARCS does not provide refunds.

In class

  • You are encouraged to record all material by taking notes, or making short videos or taking pictures

  • Dress appropriately. Working with dogs can get messy. All participants will be encouraged to get hands on experience and participate actively in class. Classes will be interactive.

  • You can bring your dog but it will have to be as per schedule. Please look at the section on 'Dogs in Class'.

  • You will need to bring a few things. Please look at the 'Checklist' section. If you are bringing your dog, you’ll have an additional check list in the 'Dogs in class' section.


  • While we provide drinking water at the venue, it might help to carry a water bottle for class.

  • A hand towel will be handy!

  • Camera / phone camera to help with video exercises

  • Pen & Paper

  • Lunch (if you don’twant to order)

  • Snacks (if you have special dietary needs)

Dogs in class

We will select the dogs that are coming to class based on the needs for the class. If your dog is chosen to be bought into class, remember that ALL dogs are allowed to stay for only half a day. Please ensure you have made arrangements to have someone drop off or pick up your dog after half a day, depending on when he/she is coming to class

  • We will plan details of which dog visits when on the WhatsApp group. It may be a students dog or a guests dog or shelter dogs.

  • We will not mix dogs from different houses at this point

  • If you have multiple dogs, feel free to bring them all

  • Please do not bring your dog if he/she is ill / injured or in heat

  • Please bring the following for your dog:

    • A blanket to sit on

    • A bowl

    • A snack

    • Something to chew on (bone / chewsticks)

    • A few non-squeaky toys


This is the new model of classes. Our venue is no longer a fixed one. We will be holding the classes at different venues that host us. Please contact our office to get the exact address of the venue your class is being held at. Ensure that you have done this early enough so that you can refer to maps and find out exactly where you need to be. Do not arrive late for the first day of class. 

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