Certificate & Merchandise

If you have attended an in-person or online 101, you are eligible to receive of these gorgeous electroplated, handwritten certificates. But please remember, only request for these if you are likely to cherish these, since we painstakingly take half an hour to write each of these. It is not just a certificate, it is a labour of love! Use the button at the bottom of the page to send in a request for the certificate. However, please note that the certificates are sent out in batches, once in a few months. So you may have to wait a few months to receive it. 


We have this lovely eco friendly book (Rs. 150) and pen (Rs. 50) on sale. The book cover carries our motto, Learning to Learn from dogs. If at any point you want to throw it away, it has seeds in the cover that will give you a plant to remember BHARCS by. The pen case too contains a seed and the refill is metal. No plastic. Yay! If you buy the book and pen, we have a little free “Certified Mutt Nut” badge to give away. If you would like to buy these, mention it in the request form below

You will also receive informative brochures. If you want additional harness brochures, mention that in the form below. 

Pick up & Delivery

We can courier the certificate, brochures and merchandise to you. Alternately, you can have your certificate and merchandise picked up from Indiranagar or Whitefield in Bangalore. Mention your preference in the form below