The BHA Team

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

BHA is gearing up for big announcements, after a long break. We have been busy building something beautiful for you. We still need to keep a few things under wraps, till we are ready for the big reveal, however for now, we do want to introduce you to the people behind it all.

BHA is not just a place where one comes to do a short course on dogs and get done with it. BHA is a vision that you buy into and join in on the journey of changing how people see and deal with dogs. BHA students not only remain Hundeskolers for life, but also help build out BHA and enable BHA to give more to the dog lovers of this city.

Here's a big shout out to Anjali Cherumanalil Panikar, Debadrita Ghosh, Sangeetha Jakes, Manssi S Karambelkar - Saha, Deepshikha Ghosh and Uttam Jaggu for joining the BHA family. Of course, you all know of Nishi-Tiggy, the quality assurance team. Click on each of the pictures to read more about our fantastic team.