Canine Essential 101 Feb 2019

Updated: Aug 5

It was another lovely class of Canine Essential 101 in Bangalore. We had a full house, plus four seniors sit in, making this the biggest class thus far. The venue was the home of BHARCS Alumni and a long time well wisher, Chaithali. The class was a very interesting mix of people, including rescuers, first time pet parents, influencers, aspiring professionals and even a lovely couple who are yet to get their first dog and wanted to get their foundation right before they dog. Eclectic classes make for interesting conversations and it was intense as always. And, of course, as always, we had the lovely support of some of the cutest and most fun dogs ever, who are brought in for our students to learn to observe them and learn from this. The added benefit is that we have amazing photo opportunities. Click here to check out our instagram stream for pictures of our gorgeous chief guests - Cooper, Cocoa, Max, Bailey, Lola, Nishi and Cheerwal.