This is our foundation module and is a two day intensive session. Jumping, barking, destruction, excessive peeing right up to anxiety and aggression, we got it all covered. The new Canine Essential 101 could be the answer to all your dog woes. In this two day workshop you will learn about why your dog offers certain behaviours and what you need to be doing to address those behaviours. We also look at a host of other topics like ergonomic equipment, optimal lifestyles for dogs, dog communication and so much more. The class size is kept small to enable complete participation from all students.


Our hallmark is of course, teaching you how to communicate with dogs, with no need for training the dogs. We discuss and practise upwards of 10 different body langauge signals we can use to communicate with dogs that can be used to reassure dogs, draw boundaries, set direction etc...We also teach you how to read and interpret the signals dogs give in an attempt to communicate with us. 


You will also gain access to the highly accomplished and knowledgeable BHARCS Alumni, who will not only help you with all things dog, but will become part of a strong support structure you can come to depend on.

Canine Essential 101

  • 1 weekend, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM