Sit and the "No" command are classical tools used in dealing with dogs. In this module we will take a closer look at these two tools, understand their history, their purpose, their utility and their limitations. Students will be doing two studies to help them understand the impact of these tools on dogs. Students will be exploring possible better alternatives to these tools, in order to help manage the a dog around the home. This is a very interesting exercise in which students will be putting to use some of the skills previously gained into use to identify solutions, evaluating the effectiveness of their solutions and redefining it to get better results. We expect this to become a way of life for all of our students - healthy self critique and identify solutions, given different kinds of constraints (Ex: Asking a dog with a bad knee to sit could be rather painful. So what alternative can we come up with for dogs like that)

Sit & No

  • 44 hours of self learning