About Bharcs

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BHARCS is a premium education academy based out of Bangalore, India. The Academy offers unique and high quality education opportunities to pet parents and pet professionals based on the philosophies of Turid Rugaas. BHARCS attracts learners from all over the country and the world and today boasts of students from 15 cities in India and 6 countries. These include both pet parents interested in short workshops to help understand their dogs better, as well as pet professionals wanting to invest in their career growth. For professionals, BHARCS offers a one of it’s kind, UK accredited level 4 diploma on canine behaviour and ethology. The educational units being offered are flexible, modulare and available online, encouraging students to learn at their own pace, from the comfort of their homes and pay at the pace they learn. The academy is also affiliated with other international organization with a clear aim of not only meeting the best of global standards, but in-fact surpassing them to offer to you the best of what the industry offers.

About the founder


Sindhoor is a canine behaviour consultant, a canine myotherapist and an engineer by qualification. She quit her corporate life as a VP of a silicon valley based start up, to pursue a career with working with dogs, after her dog Nishi met with an accident and needed special physical and emotional care. While she started working as a behaviour and myotherapy consultant for companion dogs, her passion is ethological studies of free ranging dogs in India. Hery studies have been published in the IAABC journal and the PPG blog in the US, was presented at the PDTE summit in the UK and was mentioned in the book Canine Confidential by Dr. Marc Bekoff. She currently is the principal and director of BHARCS and her focus is on educating pet parents and professionals on canine behaviour and ethology. BHARCS offers a one of it’s kind, UK accredited level 4 diploma on canine behaviour and ethology. BHARCS attracts students from all over the country and the world and today boasts of students from 15 cities in India and 6 countries. While she wears many hats, being mommy to two amazing dogs - Nishi and Cheeru, who she considers her inspiration and her greatest teachers, is her favourite role.

Professional Associations

We believe the best way to grow is through collaboration and through partnerships, rather than plain competition. Therefore BHARCS actively seeks out organizations to associate with and finds ways to benefit learners all over the world to collaborate and learn from each other. Watch this space as we aggressively seek out organizations to engage with in different ways to create meaningful learning opportunities for students. 

Sindhoor is a full member of The Pet Dog Trainers of Europe (PDTE) and is the country representative for India. PDTE is a professional organisation that was founded by Turid Rugaas and holds it’s members to arguably the most strict professional Code of Ethics. PDTE opposes methods that cause pain and discomfort or rob dogs of their natural instincts. The PDTE believes that understanding how dogs view the world and communicate deepens and enhances our relationships with them. Members of this organisation are expected share a philosophy and approach that honours dogs and our connection to them. As a member of this organisation, all education that Sindhoor offers at BHARCS are expected to be compliant by the PDTE Code of Ethics. 

Visit PDTE Website   *     View PDTE Code of Ethics

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BHARCS holds itself to the highest of standards and so the diploma (BACBED) has been accredited by Laser Learning Awards (UK)   Laser Learning Awards (LASER) is an international awarding organisation regulated by Ofqual to offer qualifications. Laser was chosen for this purpose because it is a highly meticulous awarding organization (AO), which closely monitors the education delivered by BHARCS, insisting on an internal quality management process, thorough and fair policies and is subjected to external quality checks across all students throughout the year, every year. Laser also requires that BHARCS constantly show evidence of continuous improvements as a commitment of quality to it’s learners. 

Established by Julia Robertson in 2002, Galen Myotherapy has always been at the forefront of imparting knowledge and interpreting how behaviour and muscle pain manifest in our dogs. Galen Myotherapy’s unique Positive PACT® treatment protocol ensures all dogs being treated have a ‘choice’.  This means that they never use forced restraint and treatment always take place on the floor or on a low level, which is where a dog is most comfortable and can chose to walk away. They work with the dog, not on the dog and this is what makes us love them.

Visit Galen Website   *     View Learner Benefits

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The ISCP is a UK based organization that BHARCS is excited to bring on as an affiliate because the ISCP successfully brings together like minded people working with dogs from all over the globe in a very positive and collaborative environment. Their commitment to learning and helping animals resonates with us. The ISCP collaboration is meant to also widen the network and reach for both ISCP and BHARCS' students.

Visit ISCP Website   *     View Learner Benefits

BHARCS is an organization member of the International Companion Animal Network (ICAN). This means that we hold ourselves up to certain standards in how we operate and what standards we impart to and expect of our students. It also means that the students gain access to a network of other like minded individuals from across the globe to learn from and share their own expertise with. 

Visit the ICAN Website   *    View the ICAN Code of Practise 

About Turid Rugaas

Turid Rugaas is considered the foremost authority on canine behaviour. Her work is the bedrock on which most of modern canine behaviour education is built. She is an internationally acclaimed canine behaviourist with close to half a century of experience in the field. She owned and operated a dog school in Norway for decades.

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Turid is now retired from training dogs, but travels across the globe giving seminars, conducting workshops and educating professionals. You can find students trained by her in nearly to 30 countries. She has authored several books and DVDs, including the best seller, On Talking Terms with dogs. Her work on dog communication and Calming Signals is seminal is often quoted by most professionals and behaviour scientists. She is the president of Pet Dog Trainers of Europe. She recently was awarded the prestigious Kings Medal of Honour from the Norwegian King, HM Harald VII for her contributions over the last 40 years in the field of canine behaviour.