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Feeding Recommendations

Firstly, there's no right and wrong here. You do what you feel the dogs need. But based on input from people who have been doing this for a long time, this is our compilation of recommendations :

  • Feed late at night or very early in the morning. Dogs are more comfortable when there are fewer people to disturb them and not all humans are comfortable around dogs too.

  • Feed away from busy areas. Do not feed in front of apartment complexes or shops. The dogs may end up waiting there for you, which may irk others and result in them hurting the dogs. 

  • When serving food out, put out several small portions, each at least 3 to 4 feet away from each other. If there are multiple dogs (which is quite likely), they may fight around food, which may result in people getting nervous around them and wanting you to stop feeding.  Dogs are very good at sharing if there is a bit of space between them. 

  • When feeding, some dogs may be more scared and may need your help. You can feed them away from the rest, and stand protecting them. Stand with your back to the scared dog, hands a little away from your body, palms facing the dog. This position communicates to the dog that you are protecting them and they will gain confidence to eat.

  • Stay till they finish eating, so that they do not end up fighting in your absence. Fighting dogs attract negative attention from people, who may hurt the dogs. It is a lot easier to prevent fights, rather than to break them up. 

  • Consider getting yourself a feeder card. This is a card issued by the Animal Welfare Board of India and it is very useful to have on you, if people get upset about you feeding the dogs. Apply for your feeder card here.

  • If the dogs do not have an ear notch, that means they are not sterilised. It is very useful to get them sterilised, as it improves their health and controls their population. Your local civic body is supposed to do this for free at the ABC center. Identify the ABC center that caters to your zone and have them pick up your dog. Also ensure they drop the dog back. Several animal welfare organisations will do it too, if you are willing to bear the cost. 

  • If your dog is injured, get medical help. Injured streeties do not always make it. Your local vet may treat the dog at a discounted rate if you let them know this is a streety. But if the case requires the dog to remain in care for a while and you cannot foster the dog, then you may have to contact a shelter to take the dog in till he/she recovers. If your dog is badly injured, you may also need to get the help of a rescuer. We will be back soon with with recommendations of where you can get medical help and a few rescuers too. 

  • Find other feeders in your locality and buddy up with at least one. The caretakers and feeders community needs to rely on each other during emergencies, or if they are facing human hostilities. We will get back to you soon on ideas of how to find feeders in your area.

Streety meal recommendations

Streety food

Bangaloreans are lucky in that we have the option of buying fresh food for our streeties.

Our top recommendation is

Duma's Bakes and Meals Streety meal.

If you prefer to cook the meal yourself,

here is a recipe by Surabhi Venkatesh, a canine nutritionist,

specially formulated as a low cost solution for streeties.

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Veterinarian recommendations


ABC Centers


Connect with other caretakers


Find rescuers


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