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It does not take much to care for a few streeties near your home and this type of support goes a long way on keeping their population healthy. It all starts with feeding. And it is very easy to get started. 

  1. Step outside and identify a few streeties you want to care for

  2. Identify who in your home will feed them regularly - you, your family, your house help...make sure it is someone responsible

  3. Think about what you will feed them. If you need ideas, check our our suggestions here

  4. Read up our quick streety caretakers guide here

  5. Get started! 

It really is as simple as that. We have a host of resources to help you and we will keep adding more. So go ahead and start today. ​


If you cannot be a streety caretaker, you can still support those who do care for these amazing animals. Please consider donating your time or money to the organizations below, that are clearly dealing with a massive challenge at hand in providing for these dogs, providing food, shelter and medical care for these dogs. Help them help our dogs. 



If you are a dog lover in Bangalore and not heard about Bismi, you've been living under a rock. She feeds hundreds of streeties each night, by hand! She was featured in the PDTE Newsletter in 2017 and we just can't stop talking about her marvelous work. Her waking up each morning means that hundreds of streeties get their meal.

Check out their FB page.




Streeties are very vulnerable and often get injured. This could be due to an accident, a fight, conflict with humans or communicable diseases. The founder of CARE believes that these dogs deserve the same kind of medical intervention that our pet dogs do. Apart from an excellent medical facility, CARE also runs a shelter for animals that cannot go back on the streets and must wait till they find a home. If you are in Bangalore, this shelter is a must visit, just to show you the best facet of humankind

Check out their website.

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