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Our Graduates

These are our BACBED Graduates. If you have any questions about student life, the type of learning, the BHARCS philosophy or career prospects after BACBED, please reach out to one of the students or email our office at

Eva Pirnat

Eva Pirnat

Kranj, Slovenia

Great at handling dogs and gentle with their humans.

Eva is a BACBED graduate from Kranj, Slovenia. She advocates for a compassionate, dog-centered approach as she truly believes that dogs are the experts on dogs and they can give us all the knowledge we need if we are ready to listen and observe.

She adopted Balt, an ex-hunting dog and so she knows first hand how difficult it can be living and trying to built a relationship with a traumatized and reactive dog. But the flourishing changes she has brought about in Balt’s life, were also described by her clients "by following Eva's programme, Meda became calmer and less reactive to her surroundings within a few weeks”.

Her ability was also recognized by her mentor and BHARCS director, Sindhoor Pangal: “Eva is a natural. Mentoring her was such an enriching experience for me. I felt like I was exploring with her and learning as I watched her apply the BHARCS way into her handling of animals. She can transform the "toughest" of human- dog relationships into one filled with understanding, love, respect and effortless cooperation”.

Eva offers in person consultations in Kranj, Slovenia and is also available for online consultations for clients inside EU.

Anushree Thammanna

Anushree Thammanna

Bangalore, India

A seasoned rescuer who does magic with dogs with trauma.

Anushree Thammanna brings over 15 years of expertise and experience in canine behavior to her practice. Her journey commenced at an animal shelter, where she committed herself to the welfare of dogs grappling with aggression, reactivity, and trauma. As a certified professional having graduated from BHARCS, Anushree adopts a holistic approach to canine behavior, prioritizing empathy, understanding, and respect. She delves deep into the root causes of “problematic” behaviors, crafting tailored plans to help dogs feel more secure, confident, and happy. Anushree's commitment to fostering positive relationships between humans and their dogs underscores her passion for creating harmonious environments for both.

Surabhi Venkatesh

Surabhi Venkatesh

Delhi, India

A very empathetic consultant and valuable addition to your dog-care team

Surabhi is a certified canine behaviour & nutrition consultant based out of India. She runs her own holistic canine care practice called Luchi & Mutton’s Dog Behaviour & Nutrition, which is named after her two rescue dogs, Luchi & Mutton. She is a graduate of BHARCS Education that is run by Sindhoor Pangal in Bangalore, India. With nutrition and behaviour as pillars of change, she uses a holistic, scientifically sound and empathy based approach with dogs.

Her own two dogs, Luchi & Mutton, have shaped her journey both as a pet parent and as a canine care professional. She continues to learn from them and uses her practice as a platform to share that learning with other dog parents & guardians. As a dog mom to a formerly reactive pit bull, Surabhi has used the BHARCS way to build emotional regulation and support her dog. She uses this approach to support clients whose dogs demonstrate similar behaviours and struggles.

Sowjanya S Vijayanagar

Sowjanya S Vijayanagar

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Our very first graduate, interested in research and content creation.

Sowjanya is a certified Canine Behaviour Consultant after completing her BHARCS Applied Canine Biosociopsychology and Ethology Diploma from BHARCS, India, and the founder of Dog Pawmise. She works with dog parents who struggle to understand and deal with their dogs. Her approach is to work on behaviours holistically, in a trauma-informed manner and keep the dog's welfare at the center of the work. The goal is to help the dog parents build a healthy and harmonious relationship with their dogs. This goal is heavily inspired by the ideas of Gentle Parenting, originally in the context of human kids, which she applies in her work with dogs and dog parents.

Her dogs, Sammy and Zoey, inspired her to embark on this learning journey, and they will forever be her teachers! Along with Sammy and Zoey, she is extremely grateful to her free-living dog friends (endearingly called streeties), who have helped her in her learning journey and continue to do so even today!

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