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BHARCS Applied Canine Behaviour & Ethology Diploma
Accredited advanced diploma in canine behaviour & ethology

This is our rigorous canine behaviour diploma that empowers you with all the education, coaching, practice, support and preparation you will need in your career working with dogs.

BACBED is an online-enabled, England Level 4 Diploma, accredited by Laser Learning Awards. It attracts students from all over the globe and is highly regarded internationally.

You will be guided through a personalised learning plan that gently encourages you to push past your comfort zone safely.

Who is this course for?

Ideal for those looking to get into dog behaviour research or to work as a behaviour consultant. Only open to students who have finished the CE101 course.

Accredited at England Level 4 Diploma

BACBED is an accredited England Level 4 diploma, meaning it meets the OFQUAL Level 4 standards in England and the certificate & transcripts are issued by our awarding organisation in England.

Guided learning

Online learning does not mean self-learning. You will be guided closely by your tutor through the entire diploma and will have access to a very supportive community of senior students & other learners.

A game plan for your career

The course will also cover most aspects of setting up an ethical animal-related business, guiding students through defining ethics, business policies & processes, marketing & communication strategies and branding.

Course details & topics

Topics that we will cover include, but are not limited to the following:​

Basics of physiology & ethology of dogs
Application & limitations of behaviourism
Dog cognitive ethology & zoosemiotics
Hands-on skills when working with dogs
Biosociopsychology of dogs
Ethics of working with dogs & setting up a small business

Note: Once you complete your CE101, contact the student office to start the application process for BACBED.

If you have questions on student life, the type of learning involved or guidance provided, the classroom experiences or career prospects, who better to ask than the seniors. We are eager to welcome you. 

- The BHARCS Student Community

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