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Affiliate Courses

BHARCS collaborates with organizations from all over the world to benefit our students through affiliate courses.

We frequently add new workshops and courses as we get visiting faculty - for both pet parents and professionals.

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Galen Myotherapy Foundation course

This course is a great starting point for dog parents and handlers who are looking to gain an understanding of their dog’s movement and functional anatomy, and to learn some skills which will help to improve their dog’s health using the principles of Galen Myotherapy.


Galen Myotherapy diploma

The courses are tailored specifically to the foundation knowledge of the learner but all of them will lead the student to be a fully trained Galen Canine Myotherapist. This course has been successfully running for over 10 years and was the first externally accredited course specialising in Canine Myotherapy / Canine Massage. It is a UK Level 3 diploma.


ISCP Certificate in Pet Bereavement Counselling

The ISCP (The International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour Ltd) Certificate in Pet Bereavement Counselling is an introduction to working with people who have experienced the loss of a loved companion animal. The course covers all aspects of end of life care, euthanasia and death, the grief process, counselling skills, client support, and how to help clients manage their grief and move on.

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