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BHARCS is a premier canine behaviour education academy, unparalleled in the country for the depth of content and access to world class faculty.

The courses build on a solid foundation of latest scientific knowledge, uses innovative new teaching models and enable students to learn from the best teachers and mentors across the globe.

Be it short, fun, weekend courses or advanced and professional education, BHARCS classes promise to awe you with information and skills you have never had access to before.

Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised and, of course, in total awe of your dogs.

Reasons to study at BHARCS


Flexi Modules

Self study most of it to make distance learning easier.

Flexibility to split the education to fit your budget and time

Self study at your own pace  and convinience. 


Student Oriented Teaching

A unique teaching style that focuses on interaction, self learning and critical thinking, instead of authoritarian instructions and route learning. 


Students are merely given direction on what to learn and where to learn from. Adult learning is known to be most effective when  it's self taught. Student are given frameworks to learn, evaluate themselves and grow. 


Students are not only given hands on training in class, but are also required to practice at home, giving them an opportunity to put their skills to test and gain confidence in themselves and in their dog's ability.


Classroom sessions have intense discussions that allow students to learn from each other's views, experiences and expertise. Students will also be given access to the BARCS Alumni, as well as mentors from across the globe to interact with and learn from. 


Hands-on Work

Self learning that includes hands on work with dogs.

Hand holding during in-person intensives and case studies.

Ample opportuniy to observe and learn from faculty and other students

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Projects & 

Extensive Theory

World class

* Corroborate theory with your own studies that gather data.

* Gain confidence in your dog's ability by thorough practice.

* Hone your analytical and critical thinking during your thesis.

* Build your career on a strong foundation of knowledge

* Learn to  separate wheat from chaff, in today's age of fake news and self styled experts on the internet

* Get access to best of teachers and mentors from across the globe

* Learn only from teachers with reputable professional pedigree


A Reliable Community

Students build a close bond with each other, having spent a year in constructive debates, collaborative projects and sharing of personal stories.

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