New and improved!

This is it dear friends of the Academy. Today, on the 5th anniversary of Bangalore Hundeskole, we offer to you BHARCS, our labor of love to your dogs. The launch includes not only a brand new exciting, one of it's kind course on canine behaviour, but also a brand new look. Today, we launch 4 things new things at once:

  1. New name: *B*H*A*R*C*S* (yep, it's meant to sound that way! :) )

  2. New identity: Our gorgeous gilded logo, rife with symbolism

  3. New website: Easy peasy!

  4. New course: Now that is far from easy. The new BHARCS course being put on offer now is in it's second avatar and it's as exhaustive as it can get. Early reviews have expressed both excitement about some topics and awe at it's depth and range. So it's going to take some explaining and we've put together a video for this, and added it at the end of this page.

We cannot begin to imagine all the people we need to thank to have made this happen. So, we are not even going to attempt and just promise to all of them that we will continue to give forward to the dog community with all that we have.

BHARCS: Bangalore Hundeskole Academy of Research and Canine Studies