Keynote speaker at the PDTE summit

BHARCS has a prominent presence at the recently concluded online summit by Pet Dog Trainers of Europe (PDTE), hosted by ADAG. Sindhoor, the BHARCS director was one of the keynote speakers, who had the honor of sharing the day with other illustrious speakers like Dr. Jane Goodall and Dr. Marc Bekoff.

BHARCS also hosted an interactive workshop at this event, sharing videos of street dogs and their communication. The workshop was sold out and attracted eager participants from all over the globe.

The summit was attended by several BHARCS students who grabbed the opportunity to learn from experts all over the world. We got compliments from other participants and organizers alike, not just for the the content presented by BHARCS at the event, but also for the enthusiasm, desire to learn and positive energy the students brought to the event they participated in.

Below is a snippet of the talk that was presented. The talk was dedicated to Nishi, the dog that inspired all of BHARCS. When we get access to the full talk, we will share it.