SI for dogs

In this workshop series we look at all the 8 senses, their role in shaping body awareness and  how we can use these senses in the rehabilitation of dogs that have physical issues like trauma and instability in the form of arthritis, hip dysplasia, amputations etc….The senses also shape social behaviour! We will try to understand how this happens and how we can manipulate this sensory input to address behaviour.


What to expect in class

Please arrive at least 20 minutes early, so as to account for the unpredictable Bangalore traffic. We will start EXACTLY on time. We have a packed schedule and cannot fall behind. The classes are expected to be fast paced and if you miss out the early part of the class, you are unlikely to make sense of what comes after.

The class will include theory, presentations and hands on demos. We will have a few dogs coming into class for these demos. Students are encouraged to video these demonstrations and share on our private whatsapp groups. But public sharing of videos is strictly prohibited, on request of the tutor.

Obviously we cannot concentrate in class, if we have a lot of dogs running around, possibly getting into fights or distracting us with their adorable shenanigans. So please do not bring your dogs to class. We use volunteer dogs for the demos.

Lunch will not be provided. We will have coffee, tea and some snacks. Please bring your own water bottle and a coffee mug. We do not believe in disposables.

Through these workshops we hope to raise some money for CARE and we will really appreciate it if you could buy their products or donate to them when at the venue. We believe in bringing it full circle and helping these wonderful animals, who mean so much to us.

And lastly, dress for the occasion. We will be working on soil and with dogs. Comfortable shoes, clothes and perhaps a hand towel will make sense.

After class we will continue to support each other, while we figure out how to put it all into practice. That way, we are a very supporting bunch. BHARCS is family!

Can't wait to see you in class and if you have any questions, check out our FAQ below. Welcome to learning with BHARCS. It's a whole new experience!